Trip to Lunenburg


Published: 08/23/2009

by Stephen French


After hearing on the local radio station, CJLS, that the Amistad Freedom Schooner was in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, my wife and I along with two friends decided to take a day trip to investigate. So on a beautiful August weekend, with hopes of taking a look on board the Schooner we set off. However on arrival in Shelburne we were disappointed to find out that nobody would be allowed on board today, this after checking with the local association promoting the event prior to coming. Never mind all was not lost and as it was still early, and a beautiful day we continued our drive up the coast to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and arrived just in time for lunch. We sat and ate in the Grand Banker on the waterfront. Which despite being very busy provided us with excellent service and good food. After this we walked down to the dockside and took alook around the Bluenose 2, we would have loved to take a cruise on her however she was fully booked. I strongly reccommend booking the Bluenose in advance. However if your trip is a spur of the moment event, then dont worry as thereare several other companies offering harbour cruises. Our cruise was most enjoyable, we could have done with tad more wind, however the sun, sound of the waves, beautiful weather and very knowledgable boat crew made it most enjoyable.,_Nova_Scotia